Suggested Codes and Fees of Ortho-AFO Brace
The following fees and codes are based on prior experience from other customers who have billed out this product.  They are suggestions only, they do not represent Ortho-Rite, Inc. recommendations.  We suggest that you contact your insurance carrier or Medicare office’s to verify the exact billing codes for related fee’s.


CPT Code

Suggested Fee

First Visit


$ 50.00 – $ 75.00

Second Visit
Semi-rigid molded plastic orthosis to  hold the foot in neutral position. Custom molded from a model of the patient. Includes casting. 

L 1940

$ 470.00

Addition to lower extremity orthosis, soft interface for molded plastic below knee

L 2820

$ 85.00

Addition to lower extremity lower molded inner boot. Plastic or leather includes casting.

L 2280

$ 390.00

Addition or extension to the lower extremity, varus, valgus correction plastic modification, padded and lined

L 2275

$ 100,00

Total suggested fee for Ortho-AFO (single foot, single AFO)

$ 1,110.00