The design of the Flex-Rite, with its clicked out center-of-the-plastic module, allows for a great amount of flexibility. The rear foot post gives the biomechanical control of a sport device with the comfort in the longitudinal arch of an accommodative orthosis.This unique design gives the Flex-Rite a universal appeal.
Patients who can not tolerate a semi-rigid device and need comfort and control. The Flex-Rite is an intermediate device designed for shock absorption in a patient’s day to day use.
CONTROL: Semi-flexible
MATERIAL: High density polyethylene, with a uniquely clicked out center for flexibility and comfort
POSTING: Crepe rear foot posting with a closed cell rubber bottom arch fill. Protected by slip resistant bottom covers
TOP COVER: 1/16″ poron over the shell is standard, met, sulcus, and fullfoot are available